Connect. Create

• Enhanced sensitivity and lightning-fast connection times

• Interchangeable tips for everything from fine lines to dynamic brush strokes (sold separately)

• Bluetooth 4.0 with months of battery life

• Built-in bluetooth beacon to help you find lost pens

• Made for – iPad Air 2 , iPad Mini 3

• Compatible with iPad 3,4, Air iPad Mini 1,2


In stock


$ 69.95

Pogo Connect 2 puts the fun back into sketching and note-taking on iPad. It’s a bluetooth pen that allows you to draw dynamically with different line widths effortlessly and naturally.

The standard tip is included with every Pogo Connect provides good precision with the very best control over pressure.

Pogo Connect transmits a signal to the free Pogo Connect app allowing you to track down its location.

Finally, a pen that’s impossible to lose.






Ten One Design

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